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Dept. of Korean Language and Literature


Grounded on the educational objectives of the humanities college, the Department of Korean Language and Literature studies the literary and linguistic legacy that our forefathers have left and accept new academic knowledge to combine them in a harmonious way. Students learn the way to accept professional knowledge, search for traditional value systems through studies to inherit our forefathers’ spirit, discover their self-identity, cultivate an attitude of moving forward to find the truth, and land on the path to creative studies.


professor info
Name Research Interests Tel Lab E-mail
Kim, Il-Byeong Korean Grammar, Korean language Education 033-640-2101 322
Kang, Deung-Hag tradition Literature, Song Literature 033-640-2103 318
Yang, Mun-Gyu Modern Novel 033-640-2104 314
Choi, Byeong-Woo Modern Novel, Literature Education 033-640-2105 317
Jang, Jung-Ryong Classical Novel, Folklore 033-640-2106 321
Park, Young-Ju Classical Poetry, Korean Narrative Song 033-640-2107 324
Kim, Moo-Rim History of Korean Language, Phonology 033-640-2109 311
Son, Nam-Ig Semantics, Lexis 033-640-2102 316
210-702, 120 GangneungDaehag-ro, Gangneung City, Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea ☎ TEL +82-33-640-2099